Skyball – New Beach Volleyball Club in Yorkshire

My Coaching Situation

It has been a while on my mind – establish a volleyball club that would hold sessions for semi-professionals, sessions for juniors and beginners. Volleyball has always been a big part of my life. It helped me to become stronger when I was young, and it was here for me when I felt low. I always wanted to give a similar opportunity to others.  I meant to open an indoor volleyball club, as that was my key focus over the past five years in England.

In 2017, I gained the Level 3 qualification as well as the beach volleyball qualifications. I have coached in different organisations and clubs. Over the year of 2017, I had coached Women at the University of York, NVL men at YORK VC, Yorkshire Juniors – Girls under 18’s and at the Harrogate Army College junior soldiers. I have also started occasionally coaching on the beach. Volleyball just absorbed my life. Towards the end of the year, I felt burnout from all the work behind training and games. Most of the coaching was voluntary with a low reward, and I felt like it can’t continue like this.

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Yorkshire Series Tournament – September 2017

Bright Idea

The idea of establishing Skyball beach volleyball club came towards the end of our 2017 beach volleyball season. Piotr and Marzena Makowski with help from Active Coast, Leeds and YORK VC have been running a friendly Yorkshire series tournaments and camps in Bridlington, UK for the past few years. I and my partner Said have become a part of them and he was a big supporter of creating a club. I fell in love with the beach volleyball (feel free to read my post about beach volleyball here). I love the lifestyle, relaxed atmosphere, freedom of space and the challenge of the game. There is never a problem with the restriction of training times or booking a hall which is a very big problem particularly in York.  My focus shift from indoor to outdoor and I knew I want to do more than just play. And there was so much potential to do something big!

Junior training supported by York VC.

I felt that we can expand on the already existent tournaments and deliver training for adults and young beach players the next season. I put the idea of beach volleyball club in front of Marz and Pete, my very good friends and passionate beach players. These guys did so much for beach volleyball in North England and if I could I would give them an award for bringing this sport to all of us! 🙂  If I remember, it took a few weeks till we manage to discuss it more closely. It was one of the days that we were preparing for Yorkshire Series tournament. We were invited to spend an evening with Pete and Marz. We were enjoying  some of  favourite Polish drinks and we started to brainstorm about club names (just for fun with no real ambition). There were some excellent ideas including Sandcastles, Windbreak (thanks to lovely winds in Bridlington) but we also mentioned Skyball. To those that are not aware what Skyball in beach volleyball is (and you would like to know how to do it) follow this link.

We left it there with no real actions, finished the beach season and started indoor season.

Start of the First Beach Volleyball Club in North England

In autumn, we got together and started to be more serious about our idea hoping to release this information on Christmas day as a little present for all beach volleyball lovers. However, we needed logo, something modern and cool! I am fortunate to know many talented people thanks to volleyball and one of them is Oswin. He is my longest volleyball friend in York and also a very talented designer. He produced one of the best volleyball logos I have ever seen and I am so pleased that he is with us in this project.

We have also managed to quickly put together a few pages on our website and rolled out the announcement on 25th December in sunny Malaga-> watch the post here.

The beach volleyball lifestyle.

Aims of Skyball Beach Volleyball Club

Our mission “to provide the players with the highest possible standard of beach volleyball experience” is real.

We love this sport, we spend a lot of time with it and we would like if others join us at any level. We will do the maximum to help individuals to achieve their goals (if it is to have fun or winning a tournament).

We aim to provide tournaments and training camps, and regular training for adults and juniors from the end of March till the end of September. However, we would love to collaborate with other clubs in Yorkshire even during winter months and help to develop juniors.

Our long-term plan is to build inland courts closer to York, if you know about any land or opportunities, please do get in touch on . We are also looking for volunteers as well as sponsors to help us with this exciting project.

We are excited about our future ahead, and we hope you are too!

I am motivated more than ever to deliver good coaching sessions and provide a place on golden sands on Brid where everyone enjoys themselves and escape their everyday troubles.

I am looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Skyball Beach Volleyball Club, Chairwoman


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