Beach Volleyball Camp with Stars? A Guaranteed Success or Not?

Review of Beach Box Camps

In one of my previous post I have talked about the summer and how I fell in love with beach volleyball. I have been lucky enough to extend the beach volleyball season with a 10 days camp in Mallorca organised by the Beach Box Camps this October. The head coach Alexender Samoilovs and other known famous players of the beach volleyball attracted many volleyball players around the world to attend these camps and I and my partner were one of them.

The camp is 3 days longer – 10 days –  than the usual ones offered in England but there is a reason for it. They are two free days, one for a party on catamaran and the other one for beach star volleyball game. This is of course reflected on the cost as these prices were relevant to the October Camp in Mallorca.


There were extra two sessions of cross fit which consisted of post training dynamic stretching and yoga.


  • Courts available whenever you needed them, balls were possible to borrow from the coach
  • Beautiful beach and surroundings
  • 12 training sessions
  • 2 tournaments – fun one 6 a  side and final 2 a side on the last day
  • Play with or against the start of beach volleyball


  • Camp consisted primary of Latvians and Russian players as well as many coaches
  • The initial try outs were very short making allocation of players to the groups unfair and that resulted in lots of movement of players in the first few days
  • Training organised by coaches or players without coaching qualification making a big differences in delivery methods and overall learning experience
  • 2 days off – which was not very necessary making the camp more expensive
  • Not well organised parties as people tend to hang out together based on nationality


Giving the above reasons, I would rate this camp with 3 stars.



  1. The camp has had experienced coaches but also still active players. As I mentioned, the famous players names attract many players, however, it does not mean that if you play professional volleyball you are automatically a great coach.
  2. Sometimes we do not appreciate what is close to us and we need to think that camps organised by international club or by famous players must be better than the ones organised locally. And that’s not necessary the truth.



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