Role of Female Coaches in Volleyball

This first post is related to female coaches in volleyball and in sport in general. The primary reason for writing this post was receiving a bursary “Reach – Supporting Women in Coaching” for my Level 3 Volleyball Coaching certification.

A research regarding the role of female coaches was undertaken by Dr Leanne Norman from Leeds Beckett University. It shows that women coaches lack access to elite coaching networks, are working beyond their job requirements and that their well-being is being negatively impacted by low levels of physical activity.

My experience

During my player career, I came across only a few women who were coaching volleyball teams. My only female coach was an assistant coach (who was still an active player) when I was a junior player in my hometown in the Czech Republic. I remember a coach Dana as a supportive and as a great additional person to the main male coach. During this young age, I found very comfortable to be around female coach rather than a male coach.

Women Coaches Work Mainly with Children

As the Sport Coach UK page states that many of the women coaches “traditionally tended to work with young children are better equipped to ‘mother’ and nurture than their male counterparts.” This result of female coaches being involved in the junior development rather than professional volleyball. The EU research shows there are only 12% of highly qualified women coaches.

Reasons why female coaches are left out:

  1. Coaching is a big dedication which requires busy evenings and weekend travels.
  2. There is perception that women know less about sport and  might be discriminated when applying for coaching jobs

Changing perception

We need more brave women coaches in our sport as our young athletes need role models. Clubs need to support the development of women coaches and give them the opportunity to coach. I was very pleased to be offered a post as a head coach of York Men VC and have the trust from the players as well as the club.

Did you come across a female coach? What was your experience? Leave a comment below:

YORK VC Men with their female coach Jitka

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